7 Tips for Being a Healthier Entrepreneur

7 Tips for Being a Healthier Entrepreneur

Being an Entrepreneur can be hard.  With all of the deadlines, calls, travel, projects, prospecting, marketing, and sales, this lifestyle can be difficult.  Recently, while traveling, I experienced head on how hard this life can be on me as I was rushed to an ER in China.

The experience of being laid up in a hospital bed in a foreign country for a week allowed me to reflect on myself and the lifestyle I was living.  The exercise was a catalyst for me to rethink my lifestyle and the habits I had formed over the years.  However, most importantly, it made me dedicate to doing better.

What follows are seven things I implemented upon my release from the hospital, and I have to say my results have been very positive.

Maintain exercise routine when traveling

After leaving the Navy, I swore off working out.  After all, exercising practically every day for nine years was what I thought more than enough time for me to have exercised.  However, I did remember the rush I would get from running a 5k every other day.  As well as the feeling of achievement, I felt when I was able to lift heavier weights over time.

When I travel now, I try to book a hotel room that has a gym in it.  Moreover, in the cases where the gym may not be in good condition, I carry with me a set of resistance bands which take up hardly any space in the suitcase. By doing this, I can dedicate at least 20 minutes a day to doing at least some form of exercise.

Get More Sleep

Sleep is essential, study after study stresses the importance of getting enough sleep.  The days of staying out until 1 am only to be giving a presentation or conducting a meeting at 8 pm are not maintainable over the long haul.

I also try not to schedule any presentations or meetings before 10 am.  Doing this ensures that even if I am with a client or group who like to stay out late, I know that I can be in bed by 1 am and still get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

Health Professionals Are Essential to Support Staff

Every year’s entrepreneurs meet with their lawyers and Accountants some times multiple times of the year.  In fact, around tax season, I know of several who block off days if not weeks on their calendar to meet with these two support functions for their businesses.  The same should be done when it comes to Doctors, Dentists, Ophthalmologists, and other healthcare professionals. 

Entrepreneurs are their own biggest and most valuable assets.  Just like I make sure I take my care in every 3,000 miles for a checkup I now block off a week each year for maintaining myself.  Had I done this more faithfully before my China trip, I might have saved myself from going to the ER.

Maintain Motivation

Being an Entrepreneur has its good times and its corresponding not so good times.  It is easy to remember our failures and develop such an adverse reaction to them that our achievements tend to take a backseat. This mindset is not healthy on any level and causes stress along with a raft load of other disorders. Much less the hit on motivation is astounding.

I have learned that all experiences, both good and bad, must be taken in stride.  Also, while it is important that we don’t get lulled into a state that everything is fine, we should remember that the work we do is important and in some small way is taking us to a place we were not at previously.  Moreover, dwelling on past missed opportunities only slows us from reaching our goals.

Celebrate ALL Wins

Most people tend to set big goals they want to achieve before they feel they can celebrate.  This thinking can be self-defeating in the end.  For example, if the goal is to achieve winning a multi-million dollar contract before a celebration is called for negates the smaller contracts that have been won.  In my experience, I have had small wins, which contributed to being able to achieve a big win.  Moreover, I can tell you that if I only celebrated the big wins, I would be a very sad person.

So, the next time you get a win no matter how small set aside time to do something to acknowledge it and yes even pat yourself on the back.

Make Healthy Choices at Business Meals

Business Meals are murder (seriously they are). We tend to go to restaurants which serve the not so healthiest of choices. Alternatively, we go a ready standby option (how bad can someone mess up a Well-Done hamburger). Which in most cases, have the most calories and least amount of overall nutrients.

When possible, try to choose healthy restaurants for business meals. Moreover, in cases where you are the guest and cannot choose, go for the healthier options.  Found doing this has enabled me to engage in conversations more fully.  After all, when eating a salad, I tend to notice more things than if I am enjoying a juicy steak with garlic potatoes.

Enjoy the View

A few years ago, American Express ran an ad where the catchphrase was something along the lines of “While climbing the corporate ladder, take time to enjoy the view.” This phrase stayed with me.  I have been fortunate in my life so far to have had some wonderful experiences and at no time until recently did I take a moment to stop and take it all in.  By not doing so, when I experienced down periods in found myself questioning myself and heaping stress on top of the situations.

When you go through life take time out to stop and enjoy where you are, it could be a place financially, business-wise, or simply just being in someplace you have not been before. Let yourself enjoy the moment and serve as a time to appreciate what you have achieved.  Trust me since I started doing this the down periods are no longer times of discouragement for me.  They are simply a temporary stop as I progress to my next adventure.

I am still learning and adjusting my lifestyle to be healthier.  What are some tips that you employ to be a health entrepreneur? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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