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Announcing the general availability of Azure shared disks and new Azure Disk Storage enhancements

Today, we’re announcing the general availability of—enabling you to migrate your existing on-premises Windows and Linux-based clustered environments to Azure. We’re also announcing important new disk enhancements to provide you with more availability, security, and flexibility on Azure. https://azure.microsoft.com/blog/announcing-the-general-availability-of-azure-shared-disks-and-new-azure-disk-storage-enhancements/ 

Run high scale workloads on Blob storage with new 200 TB object sizes

Azure Blob storage is a massively scalable object storage solution that serves from small amounts to hundreds of petabytes of data per customer across a diverse set of data types including logging, documents, media, genomics, seismic processing, and much more. https://azure.microsoft.com/blog/run-high-scale-workloads-on-blob-storage-with-new-200-tb-object-sizes/ 

Minimize disruption with cost-effective backup and disaster recovery solutions on Azure

Azure provides native cloud solutions for customers to implement simple, secure and cost-effective business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategies for their applications and data whether they are on-premises or on Azure. https://azure.microsoft.com/blog/minimize-disruption-with-costeffective-backup-and-disaster-recovery-solutions-on-azure/