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Azure Time Series Insights Gen2: Leading the next generation of industrial IoT analytics platforms

Azure Time Series Insights Gen2—a fully managed IoT analytics platform is now generally available today. With Azure Time Series Insights Gen2, you can explore and analyze billions of contextualized events across millions of sensors. https://azure.microsoft.com/blog/azure-time-series-insights-gen-2-leading-the-next-generation-of-industrial-iot-analytics-solutions/ 

Microsoft Azure IoT Connector for FHIR now in preview

The preview of Azure IoT Connector for FHIR—a fully managed and compliant feature of the Azure API for FHIR—is now available. The connector empowers health teams with the technology for a scalable end-to-end pipeline to ingest, transform, and manage Protected Health Information (PHI) data from devices using the security of FHIR APIs. https://azure.microsoft.com/blog/microsoft-azure-iot-connector-for-fhir-now-in-preview/ 

Azure Digital Twins: Powering the next generation of IoT connected solutions

Last month at Microsoft Build 2020, we announced the new features for Azure Digital Twins, the IoT platform that enables the creation of next-generation IoT connected solutions that model the real world. Today, we are announcing that these updated capabilities are now available in preview. https://azure.microsoft.com/blog/azure-digital-twins-powering-the-next-generation-of-iot-connected-solutions/ 

Introducing live video analytics from Azure Media Services—now in preview

{“id”:”introducing-live-video-analytics-on-iot-edge-now-in-preview”,”title”:”Introducing live video analytics from Azure Media Services—now in preview”,”primaryLink”:”https://azure.microsoft.com/blog/introducing-live-video-analytics-on-iot-edge-now-in-preview/”,”links”:[“https://azure.microsoft.com/blog/introducing-live-video-analytics-on-iot-edge-now-in-preview/”],”updatedOn”:”0001-01-01 00:00:00Z”,”publishDate”:”2020-06-11 11:30:23Z”,”summary”:”Live Video Analytics (LVA) provides a platform for you to build hybrid applications with video analytics capabilities. LVA offers the capability of capturing, recording, and analyzing live video and publishing the results to Azure services in the cloud and/or the edge.”,”copyright”:””,”categories”:[“Announcements”,”Media Services & CDN”,”Internet of Things”]} https://azure.microsoft.com/blog/introducing-live-video-analytics-on-iot-edge-now-in-preview/